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Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

Lots of people have started their own small business. Since the vast majority of businesses (about 90%) fail in the first 5 years, it may be a good idea to determine whether or not you have what it takes to start a small (and successful) business of your own.


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You Need A Sound Business Idea.

Whether you decide to build skyscrapers or go out and paint curbs, you'll want to make sure that there is a market in your area for it. This website contains a lot of information about starting and growing a curb number painting business. But maybe your city bids that work out to non-profit organizations, or maybe there are very strict rules that apply to curb number painting. You need to know before you start.

This website is dedicated to offering my (awesome) curb painting techniques, I want you to succeed, so I'd rather you do your market research first before you dig into something that will just get you into trouble. In a very large part of the US, curb painting on the sidewalk is left up to the homeowner, which leaves a lot of room for a new entrepreneurs to launch a small business.

The Right Skills For Entrepreneurs

It takes patience, planning, creativity, persistence, hard work and resilience to be an entrepreneur. A little financial know-how doesn't hurt either, especially if you plan to grow. Start with as little start-up costs as possible and ensure profitability. Re-invest into your business so you can make it grow.

Painting curb numbers is an awesome start-up for any service oriented company. The costs involved are less than anything I can think of - hands down. There are a ton of ways to leverage curb painting as well. Once you are comfortable with your curb painting skill, add trash can numbering, or gutter cleaning. In practice, start with a simple skill that you can learn fast and build on it.

Ask The Right Questions

You need to ask yourself the right questions before starting your own business. For example, you may like to make horse whips, but there really isn't a mass appeal for horse whips these days. So, does your idea have mass appeal? Where do you want to go with your idea? If all you want is extra money, then perhaps curb address painting is a good business for you.

If you want to build a strong long-term business that will pay well enough to support you and your family (and maybe the families of some future employees), then you'd better start asking yourself what it will take for the long haul. You may also want to ask whether or not your idea is already tried-and-true, or whether or not your new idea has enough attraction to last.

Do you want to implement your plan day after day for weeks and months and years into the future? This is a tough question for everyone. Are you passionate enough to keep at it without burning out? Testing the waters at the smallest level can be a great way to see if you have enough passion to see your business idea through. Start part time to see if you like your idea.

Being in business for yourself usually means that you will do all the work yourself. It can get lonely at times, and it may take a long time before you can hire someone to keep you company and help you with the daily tasks. Do you have the wherewithal to work alone for an undetermined amount of time?

Know Your Competition

If you want to build widgets, are there already 14 widget builders on every street in your town? If there are, and you decide to build widgets, then you need to have a widget so superior or unique that no one else can compare to it. Build interest in your unique widget, then be the best widget maker out there.

For curb painting, know what others are charging and stay competitive. Paint better curb numbers than anyone else. If your local code enforcement allows colorful address number designs, choose to do simple and classy, professional curb numbers and just blow away the competition.

Know Thyself

You certainly don't have to answer all the questions you can think of before getting started. You can start small, at your own pace, work part time and see what works for you. There are plenty of simple small businesses anyone can start. 

If you keep thinking about business ownership until you know everything - or do nothing but continue to dream about it, I can guarantee your results: You will achieve nothing at all. 

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