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Ready to Get Out of the Rat Race & Build a Business?

Did you know that painting curbs for profit can generate well over $150 a day? And that's just the beginning. Back in 2007, I quit my full time job because I wanted to work on my own. I was sick of punching a clock and being told what to do every day.

The thing about it was, I simply wanted to be self-reliant and live life on my own terms. I had to at least try.

My "big idea" was to run my own handyman business. But, I had no idea how to market my skills. One day, I discovered that if I could just get people to pay me a little bit of money for something small, then that would give me an opportunity to tell them about my "real" business. I had to learn how to do something that would give that opportunity to me. Curb painting provided that way.

I pretty much had to figure it all out on my own, and so, over two years I developed a system for getting curb numbering customers in the area of town I wanted to do handyman work in.

It worked.

But it took a while to really zero in on the methods that would help me to really rely on my curb painting business. Finally though, I was making hundreds of dollars a day doing nothing but painting curbs.

And, I was having fun.

It turned out, Curb Painting was my "real" business..

Huh...Curb Painting?

Yeah. It launched me into self-employment and self-reliance. And I never looked back. I went from painting curbs to full time handyman work. Then I ventured online to share what I learned. Today, I work online full time. That was my path. It may not be your path, but wherever you're headed, curb number painting can help you earn full or part time money along the way.

Despite whatever you may have heard about curb number painting, there is no reason to think that painting curbs isn't a real business. It's not only a real business, but it can make serious income, if you're ready and willing to make it happen.

Regardless of where your business is headed, curb number painting can help you get there.

Crazy, right?

I'll Show You Everything I Learned.

There are a few things you'll need to know to launch a highly successful small business. For example, did you know you might make more money with less work by finding the "sweet spot" in your price? You may not be charging enough. But, it's also possible that you need to lower your price to make more. I'll show you why that is and how to zero in on the best price.

Finding paying customers is challenging for every business owner. I have a kickstart method for grabbing a pile of customers right away. Then, I take a deep dive into the very best marketing methods that have been tested and are proven to work over the long haul.

I'll show you ways to leverage your skill and your business so that each and every customer will have many opportunities to work with you.

Curb number painting is just the beginning!

Make Good Money in Days...Not Weeks!

If you follow through on the first steps of the Curb Number Pro system, you'll be out making money in just a couple of days. I can think of no faster way to start a small service business. Many small businesses cost thousands of dollars and months or years to begin making profit. Not so with curb number painting.

Apply the steps and you could be generating your first profits this week. 

Not next month or next year.

What Members Say:

I love the information you have provided in the members area. Excellent way to create a business from a business. You have done well, and covered most, if not all bases.  Thank you!"

- Kelley from Orlando, Florida

Thank you Curb Number Pro for the excellent information provided. The start-up manual and how to videos helped us start our business with the kids. Our children were able to follow along and practice as well. Then we did what you said and got started! Thanks for your support."

- Mark from Frisco, Texas

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Just remember, you can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets"

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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