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Curb Numbering Tools I Recommend

If you want to go out and make money as a curb number pro, you're going to need curb numbering tools and supplies. Here's everything you'll want and need in one place.

First, you should go check out my article on how to paint curbs before buying any supplies. Watch the video at the bottom of that post to see how I use many of the tools listed here. It'll help you to get clear on what you need right away to get started painting curbs.

(*NOTE: If you make a purchase through one of the links on this page, I may make a small commission. You won't pay more for anything if you do, so it's a win-win deal.")

Basic Curb Painting Tool Kit:

4" Paper Stencils

Paper stencils are flexible enough for curvy curbs and are inexpensive. Keep several packs handy.

3" Paper Stencils

3" stencils are more suited for lower curbs. Paper stencils can last several uses if you take care of them.

Stencil Adhesive

Under spray is a common problem for beginners, Stencil adhesive can help hold the stencil down while you spray. 

1" Masking Tape

1" Masking tape is for all those things that 3/4" tape is too skinny for. I keep both sizes handy.

Flat White Spray Enamel

Make sure you get Rustoleum brand flat paint for the best and longest lasting results. 

Flat Black Spray Enamel

Of course, you'll need black as well. The more you buy at once, the cheaper each can is. 2 cans for starting out is minimal unless you're just doing your own curb.

Wire Brush

A wire brush knocks off the big crud so paint can stick to the curb.

Soft Bristle Brush

Use a soft bristled brush to brush away small particles and dust from the curb before applying paint.

Masking Paper

Masking paper is for protecting the area around your curb number from paint overspray. 

3/4" Masking Tape

3/4" masking tape is "just right" for taping stencils together.

Blue Tape

Blue painter's tape has a higher grade glue on the back. Any application where you don't want to leave a messy residue, use blue painter's tape. Good to have.

Nitrile Gloves

Don't paint your hand. Use a glove. Follow my "one glove per day" rule and a single box of gloves will last a long time.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is essential for getting everything lined up, centered and balanced. 

Utility Knife

So many uses, it's impossible to try and list every one. A must have for every tool kit.

Hobby Brush Set

Small hobby brushes to touch up and make a good curb number great! Just spray a little paint into the cap and you're ready to go.

Lacquer Thinner

Thinner cleans everything from brushes to tools, Even extra cruddy curbs ...when necessary.

A Few Rags

You can use any old shirt you may have lying around, but in case you'd rather buy a box o' rags, here you go!

Fanny Pack

If you're painting curbs for money, understanding that it's a cash business means you need a way to organize bills. A fanny pack keeps bills safe and organized.

Weed Killer

Cracks in concrete are where weeds grow. Cut away the weeds and treat the crack first before cleaning the surface, for better looking results.

Plastic Numbering Stencils

These plastic stencils may last a little longer than the paper ones. Ideal for flat and smooth curbs.

Advanced Curb Numbering Kit:

Reflective Glass Beads

The main ingredient to highly reflective curb paintings, glass beads are the industry standard. 

Plastic Bottles

Fill a plastic bottle 1/3 with glass beads to apply it to wet paint. Just shake and squirt!

Blue Tape

Use blue tape when applying multi-colored stencils to curbs for easy removal. Won't tear up your stencils.

Stencil Cutter

This is a great companion for hand cutting stencils from blanks.

CRICUT JOY Stencil Cutter

This cutter makes flags, logos and emblem stencils easy to create.

Exacto Knife

Manual stencil cutting and trimming may be necessary from time to time. Exacto is the best knife to use.

#11 Blades

The best blade for any intricate hand trimming you need to do. Fits the Exacto knife.

10 mil Mylar

10 mil is a good thickness for hand or machine cut stencils.

Swivel Knife

This manual knife may be an option for you. The blade swivels so you can cut with a more steady hand.

Manila Envelopes

Great for keeping your stencils organized. I use one envelope per design.


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